Skylight team members consist on yacht builders, designers, naval architects, captains, suppliers, experimented brokers & crew.

Discussing your requirements with us over a number of meetings, will help fine-tune exactly what type of yacht build would suit you the best. Where you intend to cruise, what sort of performance you desire, and how important space and stability will all effect your choice of the type of yacht.

We work closely with the world’s leading builders, designers, naval architects, captains and suppliers to ensure their client’s complete satisfaction. They will provide you with measured advice on the construction of a yacht, taking you through the different types, sizes and materials available, while also explaining the financial and legal aspects of a new build.

Skylight Yachting brokers work alongside all parties involved, supervising every project throughout its entire build to ensure that the yacht delivered adheres not only to contractual specifications, but to the owner’s expectations serve as an invaluable liaison between the owner and the shipyard, keeping the yard informed about decisions and requirements on behalf of the owner and maintaining the balance between both parties.